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What is Compliance Management?

Compliance management is the method by which corporate manage the entire compliance process. It includes the compliance program, compliance audit, compliance report etc. and in other words it is called compliance solution. Secretarial Audit and Compliance management are the routine tools for effective governance. Compliance management is to be in built into the corporate system to avoid non compliances and the Secretarial audit is carried out on periodical basis by an independent professional.

Bizlegal can help you out in devising a holistic compliance management mechanism for your organization, so that you don’t have to worry about non-compliances.

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At BizLegal, we aim to be your one-stop shop for
all Legal Compliance & Business Needs.

Risk of Non-Compliance

The risks of non-compliance of the law are many:

 Cessation of business activities

 Civil action by the authorities

 Punitive action resulting in fines against the company/officials

 Imprisonment of the errant officials

 Public embarrassment

 Damage to the reputation of the company and its employees

 Attachment of bank accounts

Scope of Corporate Compliance Management

Corporate compliance management should broadly include compliance of:

 Corporate Laws

 Securities Laws

 Commercial Laws including Intellectual Property Rights Laws

 Labour Laws

 Tax Laws

 Pollution Control Laws

 Industry Specified laws

 All other Laws affecting the company concerned depending upon the type of industry/activity

Establishment of Compliance Management Framework

The Compliance Management encompasses

 Compliance Identification

 Compliance Ownership

 Compliance Awareness

 Compliance Reporting and

 Periodical Compliance MIS

Our practical and pragmatic approach towards managing the compliances of your organization, can ensure you that nothing is missed, so that you can focus on your core areas instead of worrying about the last dates and filings.