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Transfer of Shares

One of the important features of the shares of a company is their transferability. Shares, debentures or other interest of the member of a company are moveable property and hence are transferable in the manner as provided in the company’s articles of association.

Form SH-4 is needed to be sent to the company by the transferor or the transferee of the shares within sixty days from the date of execution of share transfer agreement along with the share transfer certificate or certificate relating to securities.

However, there are some restrictions for transfer of shares of a private company as the number of shareholders in a private company cannot exceed 200 and there is no as such restriction of transfer of shares of a public company.

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Steps for Transfer of Shares

1) Preliminary Requirement

 Provide basic details & documents required for registration

 Make payment through our secured payment gateways

2) Execution and Drafting

 Drafting of necessary resolutions and documents

 Execution of Share Transfer Deed

 Payment of stamp duty on deed

3) Filing

 Issuance of Share certificate

 All it takes is 8-10 working days

Procedure to Share Transfer

Day 1:

 Collection and Collation of basic Information & documents

Day 2 - 4:

 Preparation of necessary documents

 Payment of stamp duty on Deed

Day 5 - 6:

 Issuance of Share Certificate

Documents required for share transfer

 share Transfer Deed

 Share Certificates

 PAN of Transferee